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Новый клип Noize MC

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Пост 13-Ноя-2011 23:02



--Новый Новый клип Noize MC - "Брынь-брынь-брынь" --
Три дня назад вышел новый зажигательный клип популярного реп-певца Noize MC. Клип снимался в Индии. За эти дни клип был просмотрен сотнями тысяч пользователей YouTube.
Hello everybody listen to my story
I am looks strange and I'm not a usual tourist
I enjoy my vacations .. no need to worry
But sometimes relaxing makes me feel boring
It is because of my profession - I am cop in Russia
My job is getting money in the name of the law
I'm not interested to Goa trance and don't need mushrooms
I don't wanna dance tripping all night long
So I lie on the beach for some many times
Dreaming about coming back and beating taking bribes
And now I'm dreaming again you know it makes me sing
Bring me your money just bring bring bring
Chorus: X2
Bring me your money in the name of the law
Bring me your money more more more
It's time to make your pockets empty and clean
Bring me your money bring bring bring
Bring bring bring
Attention! It's a public service announcement
My favorite number on the paper is one thousand
Five hundred is okey one hundred is worth
But .. ... .. of course
50's 20's 10's and even 5's
Notes of any value and coins of any size
If you have no rupees I don't .. of bucks and rubles
And even fucking euro is not a fucking be problem(?)
I'm fighting the criminals every second I exist
All violators will be punished by fist
Hands up! Hands up motherfuckers freeze
And give all your money to the Russian police!
Chorus: X2

[email protected]


Пост 15-Ноя-2011 07:48 (спустя 1 день 8 часов)


Я думаю,жители Индии были в шоке)))
Да и,ИМХО ,на русском у него получается лучше )))

Подпись отключена за нарушение правил форума
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Пост 15-Ноя-2011 08:02 (спустя 14 минут)


нi когда нi понимал его творчество... iду лесом xD

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Пост 31-Окт-2016 18:07 (спустя 4 года 11 месяцев)


Забавно, не более. Концовочка на ура.
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