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(Rock) Various Artists (VA) - 100 hits Rock Show (1967-1979) [MP3, 192 kbps]

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Пост 08-Мар-2016 19:53



Various Artists (VA) - 100 hits Rock Show Исполнитель: Various Artists (VA)
Альбом: 100 hits Rock Show
Дата выпуска: 1967-1979
Жанр: Rock
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:04:47
001-Rock Show [00:05:49]
002-Travelin' Band [00:02:07]
003-Peppermint Twist [00:03:29]
004-Giddy-Up-A Ding-Dong [00:03:16]
005-I'm A Gambler [00:03:35]
006-Tight A$ [00:03:35]
006-Tight A [00:03:35]
007-Jeepster [00:04:15]
008-One After 909 [00:02:51]
009-Before You Accuse Me [00:03:26]
010-Eat At Home [00:03:19]
011-Inside Looking Out [00:02:44]
012-A Little Bit Of Heaven [00:02:29]
013-Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller [00:03:42]
014-Birthday [00:02:41]
015-Get Down [00:03:42]
016-I Would If I Could But I Can't [00:02:52]
017-It's Allright [00:02:36]
018-Welcome To The Music [00:02:56]
019-You Can't Catch Me [00:04:51]
020-Feel It (aka) Don't Fight It Feel It - Knock On Wood [00:04:40]
021-Your Mama Don't Dance [00:02:48]
022-Wooly Booly Boogie [00:03:11]
023-You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine) [00:02:47]
024-Look At Granny Run Run [00:02:28]
025-Ain't Got No Home [00:03:24]
026-Give It Up Or Let Me Go [00:04:26]
027-Down Home [00:03:14]
028-Where Did Our Love Go [00:03:05]
029-Whatever Gets You Thru The Night [00:03:26]
030-Have You Seen My Baby (Hold On) [00:03:43]
031-Midnight Creeper [00:03:52]
032-Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) [00:03:55]
033-Got To Get You Into My Life [00:03:22]
034-Roll Over Beethoven [00:04:35]
035-Shake Rattle And Roll - See You Later Alligator [00:03:59]
036-The Famous Instigator [00:03:25]
037-Ubangi Stomp [00:02:12]
038-Maybelline [00:03:36]
039-Wake Up Little Susie [00:02:49]
040-Ain't Too Proud To Beg [00:03:31]
041-True Blue [00:03:31]
042-Rockin' All Over The World [00:03:32]
043-Mean Mr. Mustard - Polythene Pam - She Came In Throu... [00:04:16]
044-Love Me Do [00:02:57]
045-Rapids [00:02:49]
046-New York City [00:03:07]
047-Early In The Morning [00:02:15]
048-Up Around The Bend [00:02:38]
049-Let's Have A Party [00:02:17]
050-The Wanderer [00:02:46]
051-Brand New Car [00:03:46]
052-Born To Boogie [00:02:04]
053-Memphis Tennessee [00:03:25]
054-Rip It Up-Ready Teddy [00:01:31]
055-Peanut Butter [00:02:26]
056-Candy Man [00:03:24]
057-In The Mood [00:03:38]
058-Pinball Wizard [00:05:08]
059-Heaven On Their Minds (from Jesus Christ Superstar) [00:04:22]
060-Oh! Lucky Man! (parts 1&2 mix) [00:04:53]
061-I'm The Greatest [00:03:23]
062-Living In The Material World [00:05:29]
063-Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five [00:05:28]
064-All Right Now [00:05:32]
065-No More Mr. Nice Guy [00:03:06]
066-Broken Down Angel [00:03:36]
067-Little Willy [00:03:12]
068-A Hole To Hide In [00:04:06]
069-I'm Asking [00:04:28]
070-What's The Buzz - Strange Thing Mystufyinf [00:03:14]
071-Honky Tonk Women [00:02:59]
072-Joyful Resurrection [00:03:33]
073-Tip Of The Iceberg [00:04:10]
074-I Can't Take It [00:02:52]
075-Please Mrs. Henry [00:04:30]
076-Out Of Control [00:03:05]
077-Brown Sugar [00:03:49]
078-Rockin' With The King [00:03:15]
079-Had Me A Real Good Time [00:05:52]
080-Francis Was A Rocker [00:02:54]
081-I've Been Your Fool [00:04:28]
082-Every Second, Every Minute [00:03:01]
083-Rock And Roll [00:03:40]
084-High Ball Shooter [00:04:25]
085-Bad Bad Boy [00:03:52]
086-Goodbye T'Jane [00:03:30]
087-New York City [00:04:28]
088-Trouble [00:02:37]
089-If You Don't Like Rock'n'Roll [00:02:37]
090-Some Kind Of Wonderful [00:03:22]
091-Turn On Your Receiver [00:03:16]
092-Lady Double Dealer [00:03:20]
093-Shakin' All Over [00:03:31]
094-My Generation [00:03:49]
095-The Show Must Go On [00:03:26]
096-Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) [00:01:19]
097-Roadhouse Blues (live) [00:06:12]
098-Strange Kind Of Woman [00:09:28]
099-Keep On Rocking [00:06:27]
100-The Mighty Quinn [00:03:34]
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